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How It Works

  • Gain access to a variety of luxury watches with our watch rental service

    • In a similar manner as you can rent a tuxedo for a wedding or an exotic sports car during vacation, you can rent high end watches for a fraction of the cost of owning a single luxury watch

    • Rent a watch to wear for a special occasion or event (e.g. holiday party, wedding, interview, important meeting) or just to try it for some time before making the decision to buy

  • Rent watches for periods of 3 days to 8 weeks, or more

    • Select the watch rental start date (date the watch will be delivered to you) and the return date (date you will ship the watch back to us)
    • We recommend that you choose a rental start date at least one day before your event date
    • The longer you rent the more you save: up to 67% from the daily price of a 3 day rental
    • If you want to enjoy a watch longer than 8 weeks, just let us know and we can set that up
    • We'll also be happy to extend the rental period for a watch already in your possession, based on availability
  • We'll ship the watch to arrive at your doorstep on the rental start date

  • Return the watch for free on the last day of the watch rental period using the provided shipping materials

      • Shop with confidence 

        • We have a BBB rating of A+
        • Check out our affiliations and third-party trust badges at the bottom of the page
        • We guarantee our watches to be 100% authentic
      • If you need help deciding on the watch you want to enjoy, use the Event Formality and Occasion filters on the Watch Rental Collection page to see our specific recommendations 

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