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Axess Rewards Loyalty Program

When you become a member of the free Axess Rewards loyalty program, you'll earn Axess points for every watch rental on our store.  Then, you can easily use your Axess points for discounts on future rentals.

  • Earn Axess points
    • Earn 500 Axess points when you create an account
    • Earn 2 Axess points for each dollar spent on a watch rental (e.g. spend $100 get 200 Axess points)
    • Earn 3,500 Axess points for each new customer referral after their first watch rental. Plus, your friend gets a 15% discount coupon
  • Rewards
    • Use Axess points for discounts on any future watch rental. For example, 500 Axess points can be used for a $5 discount
    • When you exchange your points for a reward, you will receive a discount code that can be applied during your rental checkout
  • Elite Level1
    • Become an Elite member after spending $500 during a calendar year and earn 3 Axess points for each dollar spent on a watch rental (that's a 50% bonus!)
  • How to Join
    • Simply create an account with us and you'll be automatically enrolled in the free Axess Rewards loyalty program

Easily check your Axess points or use them at any time by signing in to your account and then clicking on the Axess Rewards tab on a desktop/laptop or tablet (on right side of screen). If you only have a access to a mobile device, please send us an email and we'll process your rewards transaction

You can also refer a friend by clicking the Refer Now button under Earn Points.


Earning and Rewards Summary

    Membership Level

    Earn Axess Points



    Earn 2 points for $1 spent

    (e.g. spend $100 get 200 points)

    $5 discount = 500 points

    $10 discount = 1,000 points

    $15 discount = 1,500 points

    $20 discount = 2,000 points

    $25 discount = 2,500 points

    $30 discount = 3,000 points

    $40 discount = 4,000 points

    $50 discount = 5,000 points


    Earn 3 points for $1 spent

    (e.g. spend $100 get 300 points)


    1Elite level maintained during following calendar year.  Spend level must reach at least $500 each calendar year to extend Elite level for an additional year.